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Old age insurance

Old age remains active

Why old age insurance is very useful? Death is a life cycle that must be experienced by everyone without exception. Death can occurs at any age level and specifically in the old days of life cycles experienced by these three characters. They have been through a period in the life cycle of old age / retirement.

Essentially, entering old age / retirement is one important episode in our life cycle. That is why we have to prepare for retirement planning in an earlier through life insurance protection scheme. As our life expectancy continues to increase along with improving the facilities and technology, health, retirement planning becomes so important for us to do today.

Increasing life expectancy resulted in the emergence of expectations, lifestyle, and ideals in our lives. As we prepare to retire early, move very well determine how far we can enjoy in retirement is. We need to realize that the various activities in the old days the number of funds needed is not small.

Remain active in the Early Retirement

How about you? The availability of adequate funds so affect your activities in retirement. The accumulated funds can you get when you begin to allocate insurance premiums today! Cash benefits from an insurance policy you can accommodate a variety of activities in retirement for example, in social and community activities.

You can also visit children and beloved grandchildren periodically. With an insurance policy that you have, you can visit various tourist destinations that have not had time to your visit at the productive age. Planning the old days do require a serious understanding and goodwill.

Why is that? Because planning is related to the priority allocation of funds to accommodate the diverse needs of new in a long time in front of the instance in 20 years from now or 40 years. Currently you may be conditioned to meet the various needs of the most urgent short-term.

Consequently, an urgent priority needs so you cannot allocate money for retirement planning. Our attention may now be more centered on efforts to work with a high rhythm to collect money and wealth optimally. Unfortunately, the maximum work ethic has not been accompanied by the awareness to do financial planning in the old days.

The mistake that we are doing is delaying the preparation of the old days until the long term. As a result, the remaining time we have not sufficient to accumulate money and wealth to accommodate the financial needs in old age.

The question is, how much funding you need in the old days later? At what age you will retire and stop working? Or how long you will continue to work before you decide to retire? These reflections should awaken us about the need to think about planning an early retirement.

Within this context, I would like briefly four important things to you to prepare the old days ie (1) identification of goals in the old days, (2) select a quality lifestyle in the old days, (3) measuring the level of current income, and (4 ) note the rate of inflation. First, identify your goals later in the old days! This includes the decision to determine at what age you stop working.

Determination of the retirement age is very important considering the age factor determines how much time is available for you to accumulate money and wealth to meet the financial needs in retirement. Second, determine the quality of your lifestyle choices in the old days! You can do this by making the planning and recording of various things and activities you will do in retirement.

There are some people who are planning for more frequent visits to the grandchildren in his old age, some are planning to visit certain places abroad that in fact is a place of their dreams. Third, measure your current income level! Your income level reflects your current lifestyle, and it became the benchmark for you to retire earlier with maintaining lifestyle.

However, spending in the old days tended to decrease along with decreased your activity. On retirement, you experience a decrease in expenditures associated with daily activities such as job and business communication and transportation costs, meals outside the home, costs for various entertainment and tourism, as well as costs associated with employment and other business activities.

As a guideline, the financial needs in old age is generally for 80-90% of your salary in the old days. Your income sufficient to maintain the lifestyle that you enjoy. The reference be different for everyone and it depends on the number of years productive remaining before retirement, the value / total assets and sources of funds available, as well as lifestyle expectations that will be lived.

Whatever it is, the financial needs remain a burden when you enter the old days later. With insurance protection designed specifically for the needs of older days, all the financial needs no longer be a burden for your budget and family. Polish insurance that will pay it for you. The earlier you make the old days of planning, the greater the value of your accumulated wealth that can be a source of funding in the old days.

Early planning also increase the percentage allocation of funds to meet your needs in the old days when compared with your current income. Fourth, consider the rate of inflation because inflation will affect the value of money you have in the future! This is important because of the increasing prices of many goods and services making money for the same amount will get the number of goods and services in smaller or fewer.

The threat of inflation on your income in old age is generally fixed amount, while its value continues to decline, especially when inflation increases. Through the above description, I hope that you are more steady in financial planning began in the old days


  1. What kind of plan will suit best to people who are old ? I have been suggested that retirement plan will do support a lot. But is there any other option too besides this one as I am planning to make some insurance plans for my parents too.

  2. What kind of plan will suit best to people who are old ? I have been suggested that retirement plan will do support a lot. But is there any other option too besides this one as I am planning to make some insurance plans for my parents too.