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Modern Youths Need Insurance Protection

Youth is to study

Modern Youth Need Insurance Protection to continue their education and future. I am interested to take inspiration from a speech President of the United States Barack Obama in front of members of Congress Country Uncle Sam is on September 9, 2009.

In addition to emphasizing the importance of health insurance scheme for the U.S., Obama also delivered one idea about the importance of empowering Division Research & Development (R & D) for the rise of the storm of global economic crisis. In this context, Obama stressed the importance of the United States watched various activities associated with R & D to produce innovations in various fields of science.

Variety of innovations that are expected to be generated will provide added value to the industrial sector and the U.S. economy so that people can enjoy prosperity back to the level once achieved. In particular, important ideas centered on Obama's other efforts to encourage diversity among the younger generation the United States as a source of economic energy future in the country to return to his passion in their higher education courses on the bench respectively. The young generation in the country recently got lethargic and dispirited partly because of the high cost of education.

The rise of excitement among young people in science to draw votes as the primary basis of the emergence of innovations in various fields. Obama and target, in 2020 the U.S. will become the largest country in the print younger staff knowledgeable, educated, and both have the entrepreneurial spirit.

The Importance of Protection for Youths Education

The young generation of highly knowledgeable, productive in the future will become the backbone of development and economic progress of a nation. Who is the young generation? Talking about the scope of the present younger generation, we will focus our attention on community members who were born in the period between 1965 to 1980.

Currently they are in the range between 28-43 years of age. Based on the popular demographic segmentation is used in the marketing discipline and the social economy, they are referred to as Generation X or Gen-X.Gen-X also includes the younger generation who were born in the period 1981 - 1995, and now they are in the age range 13 -- 27 years old. In demographics, the young generation is called Generation Y or Gen-Y.

Second generation to generation key attributes as a nation or country in the future. In addition, the parents of Gen X and Gen-Y generation who became important in his time also known as the popular "Baby Boomers"! Currently they are in the range between 44-62 years of age. Generally they've been through various stages of age in the way of life. Many of them now with attribute as parents who have sons or daughters teenage to adulthood.

Their children might be going through basic education, secondary education, education on, and university circles. Generally "Baby Boomers" are still working and they are on top of productive age. There is also among those who had begun to enter the preparatory stage of retirement. The "Baby Boomers" hopes that their sons and daughters of the young community of Gen X and Gen-Y that in fact is the next generation can grow and develop optimally and become a useful person for the family and society.

Of course, economically the parents had hoped that their children have a better fate. This young generation continues to be driven to study modern knowledge and skills as much as possible to excel in the increasingly tight competition to the front. In a national scale, they are an asset and hope for the future nation. As the younger generation, there are many of the Gen X and Gen-Y are not earning. They still hope of life to their parents, especially in bear various costs required to achieve success in the future.

They depend on parents' income to finance all educational facilities they need to achieve your goals. Because of the dependence condition, the continuity of their education is very vulnerable to the disorder if something happens to their parents. Conditions that threaten the survival of their education is the cessation of school or college because the parents no longer able to provide money for their education costs due to the emergence of unexpected events.

For example, when a parent who plays as the main breadwinner in the family died, the automatic cost of their education underwent significant obstacles. Another example, when the major search providers in the family suffered a serious accident or critical illness is prolonged, the cost of education that had prepared had to drain and allocated to the health care needs of their parents.

As a result, their future is uncertain! Even their future is threatened because there is no certainty and continuity of education costs. Actualization, currently your children may enter the category Gen-X or Gen-Y. Given the vulnerability of continuity of education your children from the risk of misfortune in the future, they should have enough protection to achieve success in the future.

They must be protected from threats that may occur due to the emergence of various uncertainties in their educational careers. In this context, life insurance programs specifically designed very early age is needed to free them from the threat of dropping out of school due to lack of education costs provided by parents! Life insurance plays a role in fortifying their future.

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