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Insurance air freight

Objects in the transportation insurance is through the air passage with the passenger and goods transport in it, that is concerning;

1. Assurance on the safety of passengers.
Closed by its insurance carrier to insurance companies to pay a premium. Then the burden of premiums by the carrier to any passenger with a way to add passenger ticket prices.
Its long warranty is given an one-time trip from the airport to departure at the airport, including the purpose of transit at the airport passed to the destination airport.

2. Assurance on the transported goods.
Closed by its owner insurance products to insurance companies to pay large premiums and a small premium to its price based on the amount of insurance of goods.
Closure of insurance for transportation of goods is usually done for a trip with the travel policy for an one-time carriage of goods. Here, in its general assurance of progress since the departure until the fourth goal.
However, if the delivery takes place continuously during a cert…