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General auto Insurance 2

Transport vehicle on the land able to be insured by is vehicle moved by motor (mechanic) be like motorcycle, car, bus, truck, trailer, etc.
Motor vehicle is the vehicle moved by motor (mechanic) what walk above road; street land the human brand or natural brand.
Thus, identities from motor vehicle is ad the vehicle moved by motor (mechanic) what walk above land road; street. Identities this needed from insurance facet.
Train, tram, any vehicle and lorry walking above railway don't included in understanding of motor vehicle although moved by motor (mechanic)
If someone have the motor vehicle, hence he/she is always face the risk of that motor vehicle in the form of accident, theft of selected shares or entirety of motor vehicle, lose, burning, etc. risk in vehicle is piloted, or silent vehicle ( park), and in vehicle in garage.
Various the risk can befall the motor vehicle come from outside and inside..
Risk come from outside for example bumped by other vehicle, destroyed or burned by t…