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Become benefactor of crisis moment.

National Industry capital market partake to be punched by global finance crisis which marked by sliding of share price index. Defrayal industry or multi finance also suffers from increase rate of interest and height yield the obligation makes request of downhill loan and the increasing of credit problem.

Banking industry is even also having same condition. Tighten it liquidity in this time make the money loan transaction interbank drag so that channeling of natural credit contraction drastically.

How is insurance industry? Because finance institution related to capital market and banking, also have with liquidity problem and exchange rate, industrial of real insurance even also cannot evade. Look at case of biggest company insurance in US; AIG, which collapse and then injected the fund by US government. Investment value at unit product link (insurance correlated by investment) generally also fall though newly merely potency in horizon with long-range investment.

Differed from the exclusi…