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Accelerating Growth in the Crisis

Growth trends for premium in successful book by the company-life insurance companies at the same time with the number of people who get the maximum protection of the policy they have.

Opportunities will increase in the number of people who protect themselves with life insurance products, is to challenge the growth rate constancy gross domestic product (GDP). Along with the global financial crisis currently, developed countries in the entire world is experiencing a reduction in GDP.

This pressure from the impact of the economic crisis that stills linger. Behind this crisis appears stronger fact that the developing countries in Asia, will fall in countries that have the largest GDP growth for five years.

How about the growth of GDP in developed countries, including the U.S.? In contrast, this country's uncle Sam can only hope that the GDP growth below 3% for the same period.

Expectations of growth-related life insurance industry also increased in the hope that the number of jobs that can still be in production. Employment opportunities that are available to accommodate the expected increase in new work force. The new work force is what will replace the work force is entering the period of retirement.

Availability of employment relationship with the GDP in the work force becomes very important. The entire work force that will continues to appear strata fill the middle-class people who already have.

Their presence will become a supporter and financial resources that will be distributed to financial instruments and investments, including life insurance sector. With the growth of this money, their existence is natural and will provide opportunities to encourage the growth of penetration of life insurance products.

Opportunities in the challenging enough for the life insurance industry is the increasing public appreciation and understanding of the importance of life insurance, and retirement planning as part of family financial planning.

Acceleration is this awareness of the role that life insurance agent professional. The agencies dealing with members of the public who may become the holder of life insurance policy for the first time in their lives.

Moreover, the turn-over in the professional agents are very high (above 50%), as happened in the professional life insurance agents throughout the world. Since the first functional life insurance agents act as the spearhead of the sale of life insurance products.

Currently, sales of insurance products to the community is experiencing a positive dynamics. Orientation sales made by agents began practice sales techniques based on the needs (need-based selling). Complements from the sale of this product simply based relationship based selling.

This trend became motor driving the acceleration of the appreciation society life insurance as one of the long-term financial products. The growth of life insurance is also supported by a wider variety of its products offered to the public.

Caliber insurance industry resemble in products, distribution of products, and services that the maximum for all market segments society into one of the next growth platform. Community also have the flexibility in obtaining insurance products and how to get it.

This condition is most variants accommodation through hybrid products between protection, investment and savings (e.g as unit-linked products). Education savings also makes it easier for people to financial planning for their children.

Bancassurance scheme also makes it easier for people to obtain insurance products in a comfortable office bank branch where they usually manage financial aspects of each.

In the other condition, the development of investment instruments in the capital market restrictions and conditions of the insurance sector investment will be very influential in helping and encouraging diversification of assets invested by the insurance sector to provide added value for policyholders and the company.

Various things are positive to make the community can reach more insurance products, the appreciation, enjoy the benefits of insurance products, and establish family welfare in the future.

Enthusiasm in the community sees the importance of protect themselves with insurance would have been in response by the industry as a service dish sales, consulting, and post-sales service is better in the future. Thus, the insurance industry continues to grow and people are getting the maximum benefit from the life insurance policy.


  1. Insurance industry is stable enough in the crisis situation in this day. The importance is how long this crisis go away or back to normal again.

  2. There is a huge demand for insurance policy and so is the increase in rates too. As economy is facing financial crisis, people loosing jobs many have already dropped their policy. Its not that they don't want the policy but they are not in position to continue it further. But dropping is not a good solution.


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