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Risk is actually within with our life everyday

Risk is actually within with our life everyday. What risk? Starting from accident pain shall on the way. There are the five risk type most happened:
1. Death.
2. Accident.
3. Pain.
4. Accident at property (vehicle and house).
5. Jobless (if you was employees), and bankruptcy (if you was entrepreneur).

Housewife profession is even also not missing from risk. As long as you still referred ‘human’, you remain to have natural possibility of the risks. Even don't forget, even so you are a housewife, but here oftentimes your husband who give basic necessities of life in family, isn’t he?

Now conceive, what is going on if something happen to your husband? If ill for example, hence duty as ordinary housewife experience possibly will unfinished. But if natural husband of pain, that mean he will not to the job. In some offices, if he is not entered to the job more than many days, his salary can be cut.

Thus, don't feel that the above risks will not happen to you. You can remain to experience of risk, but your husband will bigger possibility.

Important of protection.

Many among of us don't like the risk. But the problem is, risk peep without we ask. Each time you travel, for example, surely just was of the accident risk menace. Every of old age moment of you also can be passing away, even also in sleep. Even, your house also can burn. Thus, distaste even, we always border on life of risk.

So, here is importance of protection. Its intention, anything you do, you have to always have protection. Meaning of protection is that if happened the risk to you, or family you have ready for paying the consequence is usual require the money.

The example, if you die, hence couple you'd get replacement of the money can be used by your family to pay for requirement of funeral and your family life forwards. That is the protection. Thus, if you die, hence you will not trouble with the other people.
So, one of the protections you can do by taking the insurance. Principal of insurance be in fact modestly, where do you fasten contract with third party (in this case company of insurance), where in that contract is written that if you experience of the risk - is mentioned in that contract - hence you'd get the replacement money often referred by the name of amount insured.

To be able to sign up, you have to pay for a number of selected fees is so-called premium, where is back parts, if happened the accident, hence the premium you pay for will much more cheap compared to the indention you get.

There is the 3 insurance you better take:
1. Life insurance, readily give the replacement if happen the death risk to you.
2. Health insurance, which will give the replacement if happened the ill risk to you and you have to be taken care of lodge or be taken care.
3. Damage insurance, to give the replacement if happened the accident at property of you be like burn at house or accident to your car.

Thus, what else do? Soon calculate to repeat situation of your finance in this time, and try to allow taking the insurance.


  1. I like the way you have realized the importance of having an insurance plan in everyone's life. I also thinks the same way as you and found that insurance is must in order to protect our lives financially. Your post can make one realize who is not in favor of it, that it is good to have an insurance plan.


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