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Exempted risk.

In vehicle responsibility, exempted to be risk to be classified in general exemption, fundamental, and special beside own risk.

General exemption.

Underwriter don't compensate to the:
(1) Loss of company of transportation, losing of fee ( rent), the decreasing of assess the motor vehicle, and loss of other finance which suffered by the insured because of insured motor vehicle cannot be used and befallen by accounted by risk of policy.
For example a public bus which insured, at one time slipped or inverse so that experience of partial loss. During improve and repairing damage of that public bus, the owner losing of the rent ought to be obtained, if the bus has not of accident. Losing of that rent don't accounted by the underwriter. Everything changed by underwriter only expense improves and repairs that bus. After improve and repaired, that vehicle value decline. Loss of him declining assess vehicle is not changed by underwriter even if decline him assess vehicle because of accounted by accident of policy.
(2) Theft or loss equipments of vehicle addition (is not equipments of standard), except mentioned at policy that equipments of addition follow to be insured

Exemption of fundamental.

Don’t account on loss or damage of motor vehicle or responsibility:
Because of that vehicle is used to launch other vehicle, used for Lesson to drive, used to draw a trailer or if used for other purpose which mentioned in policy.
Because of excess of payload or run forcibly.
Because of vehicle run in a state of destroying or improper walked with know by insured.
Because of vehicle piloted by someone don't have the valid driving license or by which get drunk.
Because of vehicle run without adhering the traffic rules applying, for example entering the road; closed or forbidden, or enter the road; is not destined for that vehicle class, for example vehicle of class III enter the class road IV; collision of traffic lamp or park forbidden in place.
Because of indirect or direct relate to the earthquake, water pond, waving tide, and event of other meteorology or geology, except thunder pouncing movement.
Caused happened in direct correlations with:
a. war, disaster fight or something situation of other war.
b. civil war, chaos of home affairs, rebellion.
c. riot, riot of resident, convulsing, deed of retaliation, strike.
d. sabotage, terrorize, the chaos having the character of the politics or having the character of other.
e. do or neglect something imprecise correct deed and or in executing something command, action or regulations from something military body or institution or civil or police or political body.
f. nationalization, confiscation to the purpose of military.
g. To use vehicle in police operational duty or military including civil servant of police or military.
Because of vehicle weight or vibration or his payload at road, bridge or at the building and construction there are below or beside road and in land ground.

Special exemption.

Don’t account on loss or damage of motor vehicle:
Because of atom nuclear reaction, however that atom nuclear reaction.
That happened at or in vehicle shares because mistake at rustiness or construction (structure defect). tear and wear, nature of insufficiency alone or inherent vice at shares or at vehicle machine or because of wrong use that vehicle.
Because of other small animal or insect.

Own risk

Own risk exempted from amends. Level of risk alone is in general determined by underwriter, but can be negotiated by both parties, but in maximal and minimum boundary


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